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REMEX is a space for dialogue, shared experiences, analysis and integration that is envisioned as a place for disseminating knowledge and experiences, for coordinating actions, for increasing the quantity and quality of actions, for identifying comparative advantages and collaboration opportunities, for attracting, motivating and training talent in the microfinance sector and for improving the national and international visibility of Spain’s activities in the foreign microfinance sector.

The functions of REMEX include:
  • Bolstering Spain’s activities in the foreign microfinance sector so as to have a greater impact on development and bring international attention to these activities.
  • Impacting the dissemination in Spain of the challenges, advantages, opportunities and obstacles to financial inclusion in developing and emerging countries and the actions of our members.
  • Facilitating information, knowledge and experiences exchange among the different participants and promoting microfinance research.
  • Obtaining and managing the resources needed to execute the initiatives that will contribute to the achievement of the Network’s objectives.
  • Recruiting and training talent in Spain in the area of microfinance in emerging and developing countries.
  • Making the existence of the Network, its activities and its members known both in Spain and abroad.
  • Formulating two-year action plans.
  • Other functions as assigned by the members.
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Initiative financed by: Initiative financed by AECID
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